Giving Back to Our Community

Continuous improvement, accountability and responsibility.

This is the foundation behind the American Eagle Way of doing it right. As stewards of the environment and leaders in the recycle products industry, we believe in taking responsibility for our community, our industry and our planet.

American Eagle’s current president and CEO Mike Grimm feels the workers are the real heroes behind the mill’s success. “One thing about this area is the quality of the workforce. There is a ‘can-do’ type of attitude.” He follows, “This place is here because of the employees and the hard work that gets done here every single day.”

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In response to the outpouring of support, the leaders of American Eagle Paper Mills look for every opportunity to give back to the community. From supporting local school and sporting events, to helping as much as possible with local charities, to taking a firm stance on protecting the lush forests and pristine streams surrounding the town, American Eagle is committed to improving the quality of life for those in our small rural community.

Giving Back to Our Industry and Environment
The leaders of American Eagle Paper Mills also want to take responsibility for being a change agent in our industry—to set the highest standards for producing fine recycled paper products in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.
First, America Eagle Paper Mills is a proud public voice in the environmental arena. Our belief is that businesses and corporations should make recycled paper the paper of choice for all uses. By encouraging paper distributors to stock more Highly Recycled, Process Chlorine-Free paper products, these purchasers will have greater access and choice available. As a company, we hope to elevate the image of recycled products and encourage its usage.

To protect our environment, American Eagle invests in new ways to reduce the amount of water and energy needed to produce our paper products—while at the same time minimizing any pollution produced during the manufacturing process. Keeping our local environment healthy is just as important as protecting our global environment. After all, our families and friends hunt in the lands and fish in the streams of central Pennsylvania.

Finally, there are many myths about recycled paper products that simply aren’t true. American Eagle wants to educate purchasers and consumers so they understand that today’s recycled products are far superior and economical than the recycled products from twenty years ago.

Paul Hawken, in his book The Ecology of Commerce, states "Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global environmental and social degradation. Doing that will depend in large part on the willingness of customers to change what they buy, how they buy, and from whom they buy their products and services."

To learn more about the environment benefits of recycled paper, download this newsletter from the Environmental Defense and the Alliance for Environmental Innovation.